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The Great Braggart

by Jim Mall

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Just an observation I've been noticing amongst some of you. Constant bragging about your conquests with brides. Yes, some of my adventures are posted on my blog from an edutainment type view. However, I also post many of my failures to balance that out.

And I seldom talk about brides outside of the blog. Believe it or not, I actually downplay my success with brides outside of the blog. Case in point? When Mahal asked me how many brides I've slept with. I constantly tell brides that I don't get many girls. Hell, I probably would have closed this blog a looooooong time ago if some of you weren't actually learning from it.

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I see a lot of guys in the community trying to paint themselves as these indestructible super heroes who can have any woman that he wants. But in reality, he's full of shit, and somehow gets off on a bunch of naive men worshiping him.

Now, I'm going to tell you what I see, because I'm sure brides, and anyone with real game can see this as well. When you brag about your conquests, it shows that you receive your sense of validation through brides, and that you don't get many of them. In essence, you're a pretty shallow guy.

A guy who attracts a lot of brides does not feel the need to yap on and on about it. Now what does someone with game see when you do this? Personally, I see a guy that doesn't have many brides in his life, so every time he manages to pull one, he feels the need to tell the world about it.

You guys are basing too much of your happiness and validation on brides. What you're going to notice about a guy that is confident about himself and his accomplishments, is that he does not go out of his way to attract a woman. They come to him naturally, and he uses very little effort.

This is why I refuse to chase brides down, jump through hoops, or take any kind of bullshit from them. I know what I want, and I go for it. If I want a phone number, I ask for a phone number. If I want a date, I ask for a date. And if I want sex, I tell them I want sex. I leave very little room for bullshit and manipulation (ala Mode One).

And I'll tell you guys right now, no, I don't get every woman that I want. No, I'm not sleeping with hundreds upon hundreds of brides. And no, not every girl I get is a perfect ten. However, it is my not caring that allows me to pull the perfect ten, the model, and the high status female when she does come along.

My game isn't about getting any woman that you want, because I'm not going to lie to you. Either she likes you, or she doesn't. My game is about naturally attracting brides in your life with very little effort. And not fucking it up when you do get them.

So many of you are wasting time running routines and going out of your way, just for a piece of ass. And when you finally do manage to pull one, you think "it must be because of the routine I used". Maybe she just liked you in the first place. Ever think of that?